The Lemurian Elder Flowers
by Carol Abel

Mead of Inspiration

Mimir was the name of an ancient and wise giant who guarded a well and who allowed Odin to drink from it to acquire primordial knowledge. World mythology makes repeated reference to sacred springs and wells whose fluid affords access to the otherworld and to hidden knowledge. Many great poets believed that the Castalian waters at Delphi had qualities, which could induce creativity.

John Milton, for example, ascribed the waters as having the power to inspire poetic inspiration. He wrote "he (Thomas Young) led the way for me, when I first traversed Aonia's retreats and the holy greensward of the twice-cleft ridge, he led the way for me when I drank Pieria's waters, and, favoured by Clio, I thrice sprinkled my happy lips with Castalia's wine."

Castalia is a spring on Mount Parnassus, near Delphi. It is said to have been created when the winged-horse Pegasus struck the ground with his hoof, and to be frequented by the Muses and Apollo and has thus come to be known as a fount of poetical inspiration.

The sacred spring of Delphi lies in the ravine of the Phaedriades. The preserved remains of two monumental fountains that received the water from the spring date to the Archaic period and the Roman era. The later one is cut in the rock and has niches cut high in the cliff, which probably held the offerings to the Nymph Castalia.

Castalia, a daughter of the river-god Achelous was pursued by Apollo. She threw herself into a spring on Mt Parnassus, which was henceforth called by her name. The spring was sacred to Apollo and the Muses and pilgrims of Delphi bathed in its stream. Its waters were supposed to impart poetic inspiration. It is situated a little to the NE of Delphi, and may still be seen, 'a pool of clear, cold water, lying in its rock-cut basin at the foot of the sheer cliff. The pool is 36 feet by 10 feet wide and is fed by subterranean sources.' From: 'The Oxford Companion To Classical Literature' Harvey P.S.

In 2001 we stopped to drink from many famous wells but, my defining moment came when I finally reached Delphi, cupped my hands and drank the Castalian waters. For me these waters proved to be, remain, the mead of inspiraton

Heather Blakey


M is for Myth and Mead of Inspiration


The Cave of the Ancients lies within the Golden City
as painted by Peace Dove, a Lemurian Elder, who followed the path that led there.

Mircea Eliade, in his book 'Myth and Reality' explains that the 'foremost function of myth is to reveal the examplary models for all human activities - diet or marriage, work or education, art or wisdom." Hence myth is of no little importance in the alchemist artist who is looking to transmute, transform and reach new heights in creative endeavours.

An African tribe, the Herero consider the stories that relate the beginnings of the different groups of the tribe to be 'true' because they report facts taht really take place, while the more or less humorous tales are believed to have no foundation.

Hence in most cultures myths cannot be related to the uninitiated. Usually old teachers communicate the myths during a period of isolation in the bush. Whereas false stories can be told anywhere, and at any time, it is commonly held that myths must not be recited except during a period of sacred time. Hence among the Tibetans the epic songs of the Gesar cycle can only be recited at night and in winter. The recitation is assimilated to a powerful charm. It helps to obtain all sorts of advantages, particularly in hunting and in war.

Before the recitation begins a space is prepared by being powdered with roasted barley powder and then the audience sits around while the bard recites the epic. This can take days.

Here in Lemuria false stories can be told at any time and in any place on the boards. However, sacred Lemurian mythology is only told in the fabled Cave of the Ancients, a cave which is closed the public and only available to the initiated ones, those who have journeyed with le Enchanteur and drunk from the famed mead of inspiration, a spring that can be found within the cave.

Members of the Cave of the Ancients are known as Lemurian Elders and there is a waiting list to join this group.