"When that time comes, I try to be alone and silent for several hours; I need a lot of time to rid my mind of the noise outside and to cleanse my memory of life's confusion. I light candles to summon the muses and guardian spirits. I place flowers on my desk to imitidate tedium and the complete works of Pablo Neruda beneath the computer with the hope they will inspire me by osmosis. If computers can be infected with a virus there's no reason why they shouldn't be refreshed by a breath of poetry. In a secret ceremony I prepare my mind and soul to receive the first sentence in a trance, so the door may open slightly and allow me to peer through and perceive the hazy outlines of the story waiting for me."
Isobel Allende

Salon du Muse

Within the House of the Muse there is a very special Salon, The Salon du Muse,where creatives gather to share creative ideas that nourish the muse and oil the creative neurons. The creative activities of this Salon will be available to provide a template for visitors to Soul Food and the House of the Muse who are eager to experiment with creative ideas and eager to reinvent themselves.

Soul Food Meditation

A lovely feature of the 2005 Advent Calendar was the Rose Meditations on Day One. Since then some meditations were provided in the Lemurian Abbey.

At Cafe Press we have a selection of Meditation images that can be used in much the way one can use a Tarot Card. This image, by Heather Blakey, depicts the seven stages of Soul Food and the path to individuation.

H is for Healing in the House of the Muse

Healing is a journey - the journey from "dis-ease" (rejection of our current life experience) to "ease" (= flow, harmony) which is the embracing of our current life experience. Alchemy is a process by which this journey can be generated.

If your current life experience is stuck (including the stuckness of being trapped in recurrent patterns) in an unwanted experience, alchemy is the process by which your experience can be transformed.

Transformation will occur on many levels (mental, emotional, spiritual, behavioural, material) but you may only be conscious of one or more of these levels of manifestation.

The House of the Muse was the original site from which Soul Food grew. It was built in 1999 as part of a quest to re-establish a fragment of the 'House of the Muse' in Melbourne, Australia.

The Alexandrian museum was, and remains, a beacon. No one is certain what the great institution looked like, but the Greek geographer, Strabo, describes it as part of a richly decorated complex of buildings and gardens. The whole complex was a centre of learning and research, organised into faculties, whose scholars were paid by the royal purse. The library's broader mission was to rescue Greek literature from decay.

One of the features of the House of the Muse is the collection of guided imagery. The alchemical, healing qualities of guided imagery and creative visualization have been well documented and there is no need to spend time talking about these benefits here. Enough to trust that 'it is so'.

Make sure that when you come to the computer to vist the House of the Muse and complete guided imageries that you are comfortable, that you have some music playing or perhaps a candle burning. Before you start open a program like Life Journal or Microsoft Word and then minimize it, ready for when you have finished absorbing the scene.

Relax and try to visualize yourself being a part of the scene. Once you have finished reading and absorbing the scene simply begin to write. Do not try to control the outcome. Simply write.

Tholos Dreaming

Tholos Dreaming is a very special guided imagery which provides a perfect introduction to the alchemical shift that takes place when you complete a guided imagery.