Laurel Crown Awards

The Soul Food Cafe proudly presents Laurel Crown awards to Pythian Games participants who have gained inspiration working in-house

Jenny Aarts

Edwina Peterson Cross

Lois Daley

Elizabeth Hayes

Vi Jones

Pauline Susan Nolan

Francis Arnett Sbrocchi

Teresa Seed



Jenny Aarts

in company with butterflies and bees
I watch as they sip from
blooms heavy with nectar

blue wings black-etched
glide down trembling
giddily succumb to flower's charms
waft drunkenly to the next
fragile as silk

fuzzy little workers hover
beating the air like helicopters
stings sheathed they suck greedily
carry their loads
drone on and on

children shriek in and out of sprinkler spray
crystal drops dance over golden skins
hair slicks drips on shoulders
water goosebumps shiver

wet footprints fade on hot concrete
young laughter drifts into my dreams
I lie outstretched on grass earthed
seduced by languorous heat


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